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02 December 2006 @ 10:05 pm
S2 Layout - Sugar  
Style: S2 - Quite Lickable
Browser: FF and IE
Account: Free and Paid*
Credit: teh_grave

Click for bigger preview

Codes & instructions

Ok, this is my first attempt to make one of my layouts available for everyone so you can expect a lot of little mistakes, but hey! Feel free to ask and I'll gladly try to figure things out. If you are going to keep the layout intact, please upload the images to your own server. The placement of the url's are indicated in the codes so it will be easier for you to change them. Also, feel free to customize the layout (colors, header and such) as soon as keep the credit for the base code. Ok now, let's do this!


1. Go to: Journal > Edit Journal Style
2. Select S2 under Style System
3. Go to: Look and Feel and select Quite Lickable under Layout & Languaje
4. Go to: Custom Options > CSS
5. Set the Use layout's stylesheet(s) drop-down menu and the Set Use layout's stylesheet(s) when including custom external stylesheet to NO
6. Paste the CSS codes into the Custom stylesheet field
7. Make sure to save changes before each step and you're done!

[*] Header: 580*120 pixels
[*] Background: used on comments bar & mouse-over on side bar
LJ-user: custom
Community: custom icon
Bullet: tag's page

1. If you're using a Plus account, make sure to select "Vertical Placement"
2. If viewing with IE, the sidebar stretches a bit with Plus account due to ads located on the bottom of the page.

Happy customization!
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Music: Krummavísur - In Extremo
Violetmilerna on December 3rd, 2006 10:02 pm (UTC)
jajaja lo voy a usar xD
de hecho ya lo puse pero me falta hacerle las imagenes y poner el credito jajajaja
luego.. uuyyy ya mero lacuna coil :D